Coronavirus and Real Estate a Force Majeure?

Our office has received numerous calls from clients regarding the unfortunate but likely scenario of a tenant not being able to pay rent in the coming weeks and months due to business interruptions with the Coronavirus outbreak. Many of our clients have asked if the “Force Majeure” clause of their lease protects the tenant from [...]

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Vazquez & Associates Help Bring Common Living To Miami.

Attorneys Steven Herzberg and Gerardo Vazquez recently represented the developer partnering with Common Living for Common's first common space living development in Miami. It took months of negotiations, starting in December of last year, to finalize the agreements for these two parcels located in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood. Over the years the firm has represented [...]

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In The News: Firm’s Real Estate Representation In South Florida Business Journal

Our firm's representation of a Miami based real estate investor was mentioned in a recent article of the South Florida Business Journal. Steven Herzberg was quoted in the article regarding the on-going status of resolving any potential and current issues are regarding this development site. The firm represents numerous real estate investors and developers throughout [...]

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Representation of 22 Plaintiffs In Real Estate Investment Fraud Dispute

Vazquez & Associates attorneys Gerardo Vazquez and Steven Herzberg are currently representing 22 plaintiffs in a lawsuit against various companies and individuals in Miami-Dade County. The firm's lawsuit and Mr. Herzberg were both referenced in a recent article regarding the dispute in the South Florida Business Journal. The complaint focuses on the the 22-plaintiff's lost investments [...]

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